Sunday, December 16, 2007

ENCORE vs encore

We were very fortunate to catch Aaron Kwok's final concert during our holidays in Hong Kong. The concert was held at, as you know it... Hong Kong Coliseum. Having seen a few concerts in Singapore and now in Hong Kong... I realize one BIG different between concert goers from Indoor Stadium and Coliseum.

Indoor Stadium: encore Aaron... encore... (clap one of twice, yawn... turn to his friend and say) shit so many people leaving liao!... still don't come out ah? wait cannot catch last bus how?

Coliseum: ENCORE ENCORE ENCORE! Aaron ENCORE! (clap, shout, scream, turn to the producers who's control station is just below the stage and shout) ENCORE ENCORE ENCORE, WE WANT ENCORE

They didn't plan for the encore in the first place. As we had seen it... The light was already on, and when Aaron came out, he was in the most casual attire that I had even seen. He then mentioned that that they didn't plan for the encore and went on to sing a couple more songs.

So you see... the fans were just not ready to leave until they have gotten what they wanted. Pretty much like the Hong-Kongers' mindset... This could also be the reason why till date, they're still the shining pearl of Asia...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

You deserve it...


Glorious Citizen - GS
Robert Tao - RT

GS: Wah! Heard your company, they're increasing the price of the limo service that fetches you guys to and from work?

RT: Yah loh... Too many people taking this limo service, and lately ah... I heard the petrol price kept increasing leh... So bopian, think gotta increase loh...

GS: Wah... Like that also can? But last time you told me that the US dollar weakening against the SGD right?

RT: Yup

GS: And I suppose in Singapore, we pump petrol in Singapore Dollars right?

RT: Yup

GS: So the barrels of oil we're buying, what currency are we using? USD or SGD?

RT: I suppose in USD lah... Why? [RT abit pissed off that GS is asking so many questions)

GS: No mah. I thought if our drivers pump petrol and pay the petrol kiosks in SGD, our petrol kiosks pay the oil company in USD... Shouldn't we be using lesser money to pay for the barrel of oil that is calculated in USD, since SGD is getting stronger?

RT: Nabei... Yah hor... No wonder the Europeans say that the oil price hike has no impact on them...

GS: Knn... Like that very unfair to you guys leh...

RT: Bopian mah... To many people taking our company limo service during the peak hour liao... Guess my management need to control abit... [Can see that RT is in a state of self-denial, coming up with another reason]

GS: Huh?! Who would take the service during off peak hour? Everyone working leh...

RT: How I know? Tourist lah! I mean the visitor that comes to our company... Our company also got provide good limo service to visitors who come for a tour in our company facilities and manufacturing plant mah...

GS: Like that very unfair for you guys leh... You all got complain to your boss or not?

RT: No need complain lah... Cuz we have a HR department that will look after the well being of all the employees... They make sure the canteen food lah, company limo service lah, etc are well taken care of.

GS: So what did they say?

RT: They said this increase is fair and timely leh...

GS: Like that also can!?! But I heard your company also got newsletter right? Can use it as a medium and reflect to the management about what you all think or not?

RT: Got lah... They got interview me... Ask me what I think about the limo service price hike...

GS: Good... Then what did you say?

RT: Of course say I don't mind the 35% increase lah! So long it improves the situation...


RT: Of course what... Else all the people working in the company think I very stingy, "Giam Xia", (Hokkien) how?

GS: Nabei... You deserve to pay more...

Friday, December 07, 2007

What's your True Color

I found this interesting clip, from Daniel Wu's website... Make sure you read the entry from his blog before you watch it... It's funnier that way and it also explains why there's a chicken inside his video. Here's the link to his blog. (PS: You might have to sign up to be able to read it)... Anyway, I've included an excerpt from his blog...

Taken from Daniel Wu's blog

Why a chicken?

I’m not sure really. I’ve had a strange fascination with chickens since college. Their existence often baffles me. Why are they on this planet? Do they exist only to be eaten? Being the lowest mammal in the food chain, I often feel sorry for them, because chickens are the weakest animals on the planet with no dangerous form of attack and absolutely no way to defend themselves. They can’t even fly away because their wings are so out of proportion with their bodies. So in a way this short film is turning the tables around for once. A chickens’ fantasy if you will. A chicken rights film. A chicken kicking my ass.

Monday, September 03, 2007

The Willow Tree

If I tell you that Iranian movies are good would you believe me? I caught th
is movie by the title "The Willow Tree" over the weekend... Beyond excellence. Though I don't really recognize the actors and actresses, they were all terrific. The cinematography of the movie, you got to give it to the people behind this film. I've put together some pictures of the show that I found from the internet... If you have the chance to catch this movie, please go watch it. If not, let's pray and wait for the DVD.

Now why is the movie title The Willow Tree? Youssef, a blind university professor was sent to France for treatment after being suspected of having cancer. Before he left for France, he pleaded with his God for a second chance in life. His prayer was answered and it was later diagnosed that his cancerous cell was benign. Meanwhile, he was brought to this place filled with willow trees which is said to bring him luck. Miraculously, he regained the sight which he lost when he was 8.

Life began to change. Those simple little things which he used to appreciate and found wonderful began to bore him. He began to have expectation for everything. Even for his wife whom had stand by him all this while. He started losing the goal in his life as well. He hated teaching. He hated staying at home. He fell in love with another woman.

I would like to chat more about how real this movie is. You see... In one of the quote, Youssef spoke about how everyone took pity of him when he was blind. He doesn't need that now because he can see. He can see how "boring" his life has been. Books, books and more books around him. Does this mean that a person expectations would be higher when they see more things in life? Now, I'm not just comparing in terms of being able to see with those who cannot see. I'm referring to those people who had seen more things in life. Such as, when a guy have seen the comfort of living a luxurious lifestyle, he would have that kind of expectation. Isn't one suppose to grow wiser when you see more things? How ironic...

PS: As much as I would like to share more photos of the movie here, I can't seem to find the good ones on the internet. If you have them, please let me know. Thanks!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Phone Conversation with IRAS

Glorious Citizen - GS
IRAS Officer - IO

IO: Hi good afternoon, how can I help?

GS: Good afternoon... I've some technical problems with the bank's GIRO payment to IRAS... If IRAS were to wait for this to be resolved, it might take up till a month. Is it possible that I can make my payment via Internet Banking while I'm waiting for this technical issue to be resolved?

IO: OK... If we fail to deduct the payment on the 6th every month, we will try again on the 20th.

GS: *Thinking the officer is also aware that we're almost towards mid August*... Yes... I know that... What I'm saying is... I've tried talking to the bank and they will take one month to resolve the issue... Can I use internet banking instead for this month's payment while we're waiting for the issue to be resolved?

IO: Maybe you can try talking to the bank and see if they can process the issue faster?

GS: I did! They can't do it!

IO: Oh in that case, we also cannot.

GS: OK... All I need to know is... Beside using GIRO, can I use internet banking to pay for my monthly installment?

IO: Yes. You can use AXS or SAM machine.

GS: No no no... Am I allow to use internet banking to pay for the installment cuz I found IRAS under the list of Payee companies

IO: Can ah... You can use AXS or SAM machine to pay for your monthly bills mah...

GS: No. I know I can pay through AXS... And I know I can pay through SAM... What I need to know is... CAN I use INTERNET BANKING to pay as well?!

IO: Yes

GS: OK... So that means I will cancel my GIRO arrangements and use the Internet Banking to pay for my monthly installments.

IO: Oh! so that means you want to cancel your installment plans ah? And pay in full?

GS: No... I'm saying I will use other other methods to pay for my installment!

IO: I need to check mah.

GS: *speechless cuz I don't know what the hell he's checking for*... OK... So how do I know if IRAS has received my payment?

IO: Please hold the line and let me check. *Waited for 1 to 2 minutes*... Sorry to keep you waiting... I've checked with my colleague and she has told me that if we failed to receive your payment on the 6th, we will try again on the 20th... If we fail to receive payment on the 20th, we will deduct double the amount on the 6th of the following month.

GS: *DU LAN to the maximum*.... NOOOOO! That's still doesn't answer my question! All I'm asking is, would IRAS inform me that the payment has been made!

IO: No.

GS: So like any other bills which I'm paying, so long that I never receive any reminder to pay up, that is to say I'm good as IRAS has received my monthly payment?!!!?

IO: Er... You can check your internet banking transaction history what...right?

GS: YESSSSsssssssssss... But that doesn't tell me if the payment has gone through to the right account or has it been taken correctly as my monthly installment payment... All I need to know is, if there's any way to find out my payment went through!!!

IO: Oh... You can call and ask us again...

I rest my case...

Monday, July 30, 2007


Amazing... I take my hats off to Hong Kong movies. In terms of action flick movie: the stunts and plot, not even Hollywood can come close.

In Hollywood action movie, it's mostly about a terrorist wanting to take over the world... Or a terrorist who's in fact not a terrorist but he just wanna robbed all the money in the world... I'm not saying such movie plot is bad... but sometimes... you don't know what you end up watching... I supposed it mainly for the explosion and how grand the whole movie is... The stunts are so impossible that you'll know for sure they're computer graphics... If I wanna watch a CG film, I would rather go for movies such as Transformer or Star Wars anytime.

Looks like Nicholas Tse had chosen to do most if not all the stunts himself.. Jumping towards a moving bus, jumping down from a roof where he ended up hitting on to a truck... amazing... can see that he put in alot of effort and faith into this movie!

I'll spare you the plot though... But in this show... In my perspective at least, there isn't any good or bad guy... very Grey... except for one bad guy lah... who happens to be the ultimate bad guy... but he's not the main character in the movie anyway...

In such plot... you can really see the anger, thoughts and pain which each character goes through for things they've done... this sometimes reflect our society isn't it? you wonder which side you are on... is there a good or bad side in our society nowadays? I'm not saying the extreme cases where one goes committing crimes for no reasons... I'm referring to an action or an act... one that would affect your principle and integrity... but you were being forced to do it... pretty much like you're left without any choice...

I once saw this movie call 真心话... Starring Fann Wong and Peter Ho... In one of the scene, Peter who works as a journalist spoke about how his boss would reward his colleagues with bonus if they can take "up-skirt" photos of celebrities. He then recalled that he was beaten up by his dad when he was a kid for stealing girls' panties... He lamented about what is right and wrong... Sometimes it's hard to judge... Between ethically right and professionally wrong... So to all those people out there... Believe in yourself... Do wht you believe in. Most important is being true to yourself and stay happy... Nothing beats that...

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Sorry for the lack of update lately. Super duper tied up at work. Anyway... amidst of the hectic work, I've managed to catch a couple of movies. Yup... As you can see from the poster on top. I'm going to talk about something that is more than meet the eyes...

Terrific movie I must say. Being a kid who has grown up with the cartoon. I'm just so amazed by the Computer Graphics that are built into this movie. Never have I ever seen so much interaction; of a robot so real life with a real life actors and actresses. You got to give it to Michael Bay. From the earlier movies like Bad Boys and Armageddon to now, Transformers. If you do a wiki on him, you will realize that he doesn't have much movies in his portfolio. But, he has already created a name for himself. However, I'm somewhat disappointed with the ending though. As we all know there will be a sequel to it and I reckon they will have to bring Megatron back to life. If not, who will fight Optimus Prime? Just think about this, which movie wouldn't be a big hit when you have names like Bay and Spielberg? Therefore, they should have thought about a sequel long before this movie was launched.

Beside, as much as I like the special effect, I do have to admit that I was kinda confused when the robots were fighting. From my fading memories, beside Prime and Bumblebee who are rather colorful, I can't seem to identify who is who when they were fighting. Guess there's still a couple of hurdles before we can see real seamless fusion between real actors with CG.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Way too over

I was at Crazy Elephant last week and I saw this girl who dyed her hair blonde. Now before I move on, I want to clarify that I have no qualms about Singapore girls dating a foreigner. In fact, the typical Singaporean guys aren't as sensitive or loving as the ladies want us to be. And as they always put it, we Singapore men are more reserved or shy or simply, DULL.

Now here goes the story. I saw this girl... She was like so indulged in dancing to the blues music (courtesy of the live band). But, it seems like she's on ecstasy more than she's enjoying the music! She acted like she's in some low class disco dancing and jumping all over the place! Now here's the part that makes me wonder. It seems like she's enjoying herself... Or shall I say, all by herself. She got a couple of Caucasians and tried to dance with them but most of the guys just left halfway through as I reckon they didn't want to make a fool out of themselves. They seemed so uncomfortable with this lady dancing like a Red Indian around her campfire.

So what's my point? My point is... She gave me the vibe that she's acting way too over! Stop trying to think you're more liberal or open minded by being too over! For obvious reason, she tried too hard. So hard that even the "more open-minded" ang mos got uneasy with her action. And what did she get in the end? Like a fool standing at one corner smiling all by herself... But anyway, it's her life and she can pretty much choose how she wants it to be...

Friday, June 15, 2007

Google Founder Who?

The Full Story

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Shade from the trees!

Can you believe it? Sentosa launches tree conservation programme. I can't believe it. After the recent ordeals of trees falling and hitting people, they're still treating trees like LEGO, pulling it out/up from one site and plant it on some other places. For me, I will rather shade from the trees than to take shade under these trees!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Wine Connection

I feel bad not being able to update this blog as much as I wanted to. Well, partly due to job and mainly due to work. Anyway, there’s always time for a breather and it is NOW! So I bring to you, my adventure to Wine Connection. It was great FUN. Wine is cheap, people not unfriendly… In fact, we reckon they were all Filipinos! Nice bunch of folks…

I wonder when this drinking wine trend started. And, I wonder how many people out there really know how to appreciate wine. I don’t profess myself as being one who can really appreciate wine…BUT… Neither am I like those Ah Bengs who goes out there and down a glass of decent wine like they “dah” a jug of beer. Don’t ask me why they do it; perhaps they think it’s very manly.

For ages, man has always related drinking to something as being manly and mature. It’s fine. I choose to be a man who is still learning how to grow up.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Find Me A Singaporean

I’m appalled. This is the first time I’m watching this show, "Find Me a Singaporean” and I didn’t expect it to be so heartwarming. The show revolves around host Belinda Lee traveling to all places in the world searching for a Singaporean. They were there for different reasons. In today’s show, she arrived at Yunnan China, to visit a psycho-therapist, Chen Fang-Fang.

The journey started off by introducing Fang-Fang who is a volunteer in China. She has been climbing up the mountains, bringing medical aid and therapy to the villagers. The villagers whom she is providing aid to are either orphans or mental patients.

In one of the residence they visited, there was this 26 year old guy who was kept within 4 walls (stack up by wooden planks), similar to a pig ark for 8 years. The host was shocked. The guy was suffering from some mental illness and it led him to go into rage at times. At the age of 18, he burnt down his house when he had an outbreak. His family had no choice but to put him up in a pig ark. As much as I know about how suppressed some villagers are in China, I didn’t expect that such things existed.

Towards the end of the show, Belinda broke down in tears. I’m impressed with how she had fought back her tears throughout the interview with the patient. I’m even more impressed with Fang-Fang, against all odds stayed and help out the needy people in this place for 3 years. This show really taught me something. I’m going to catch it again next week. You should too.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Definition of Life

I met up with an army mate recently and man...was he inspirational! We sat down for a jug of beer at Pasir Ris Park soon after dinner and we started chatting about LIFE... He just got his advance diving lesson and I could tell he is very passionate about scuba diving...

This “diving” subject somehow got us to start lamenting about how we are wasting our life while we like our fellow Singaporeans, kept whining about how boring our life is. On the contrary, it is WE who made our life seem so dull.

We realized that a majority of us are stuck in the so call “Rat Race” where we’re forever chasing a bigger house (got to be condo) and better cars. We have seen people who are able to spend the whole weekend cleaning and polishing their cars, going to the accessories shop to “zhng” their cars (putting luminous light, adding spoilers as high as Taipei 101, etc). At the end of the day, they start to complain how boring life is.

You see, it is not uncommon for the general public to define “success” as being rich, driving big cars, staying in condos, carrying Gucci and LV. So what are we missing out? Experiencing LIFE;

So what do I mean by this? Well some of you may say, No… I do experience life. I make it a point to go on holiday every 6 months. I see the world. But what are you seeing actually? I told this army mate… We do more of a “sightseeing” rather than really experiencing the culture, mingling with the folks, enjoying the pace and basically… the whole package. Besides, you don’t really need to travel to experience life.

Let’s start with picking up a sport or any activity which you could be excited about, something which will drive you to look forward to before the start of the day. This way, you will start to meet more people, learn newer things and enjoy life. I know it’s difficult to explain my definition of life to you in just this simple post. However, everyone is allowed to have their own perspective in life and how they want to manage it. The adventure begins now...

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Yahoo Photo Shutting Down

How lucky I must have been... Just a couple of weeks ago, I was contemplating if I should be getting a Yahoo Photo or Flickr... I surf around and realized that Flickr brings out your photo in the best fashion as compared to Yahoo. There you have it... I'm right again...