Wednesday, February 01, 2006


OK ok... I must apologise! Haven't been updating this blog as I promised! Ha ha!!! 不过你们要了解,我的工作真得很忙啊!我去了Lake Forest又回来了!Anyway, 2nd time never bring camera. So nevermind. But then, I'm suppose to upload the photo for the 2nd week right? Haha. Ok ok..Here we go!!!!

La Jolla Beach (1)

This place is pronounce as La HoYa...Strange right? But that's what Discovery Travel and Living says. Anyway, its a pretty nice place. Just look at the sunset.

La Jolla Beach (2)

La Jolla Beach (3)

La Jolla Beach (4)

The beach was pretty relaxing... There were sea seals relaxing on the beach as well!

Seals relaxing on the beach

However...Sad thing is when we got there, there were not too many seals left. WHY? Becuas too many people were walking on the beach according to this signboard.

Signboard telling us why they left

Well, so long for the beach. We were pretty hungry and had craving for some Fonduuuuuuue... Heh heh....Long time never had it le..


Coooooool...But I still prefer having it with Twinkie in Singapore! Hahah.. We ended the day at San Diego. But, as we were on the road most of the time, didn't get much chances to take pictures. The place was pretty busy and I was pretty worried to carry a camera around looking so much like a tourist! I still managed to take some pictures from the car though.

San Diego

It was about an hour an a half drive from San Diego back to LF. But if you're driving during day light, you would see the beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. Very Cheo. Oh yah! How can I forget. 这就是我的Batmobile!!!!

Buddy that brought me around


Comfort Suite


OK lah...Time to get back to work. 不然东西太多,要OT就Chia Lat loh...