Friday, July 25, 2008

One "Lust" Game at National Stadium

Well done... We'll have another one last game between Singapore and Brazil. It's been more than a year since the "official" closing ceremony was held in National Stadium and we had our last game then as well.

We then went on to have our next last game between Singapore and Lebanon early this year. Who knows? According to Wiki, the Sports Council announced that the stadium would host at least two more football games, due to ongoing delays in securing the paperwork for the Sports Hub construction.

So moving on to the next game... We then had our last last last game between Singapore and Saudi Arabia. But hey! There's one more last last last last time!

As a consumer, I think this is fuck up though I never really participate in any of their "last game". But think about this. It's like you walked into a shop, they're telling you it's a closing down sales and they will close in 2 weeks time. So you spent the money, you buy the things. 3 weeks later, you went back and the shop is still there. You ask them why and they told you that due to the lease, they're extending another 2 more weeks. Buy what you want now. It's really the last time. You figure that there's still something you didn't buy the previous time and you went on to buy some other items in the shop. Now another 3 weeks had passed, the fucking shop is still there with the banner "Closing Down Sales"! What do you do? Isn't this just like the TV commercial about a father asking for money from her daughter "ONE LAST TIME" so that he can go try his luck on gambling?

For the folks who believe that last time was the last time, I pity you.

For the folks who believe that last last time was the last time, I I sympathize with you

For the folks who believe that last last last time was the last time, I laugh at you

For the folks who believe that last last last last time is the last time, I have no comments for you...

Friday, July 04, 2008

Will you remember?

Just read Dasmond's blog and thought how true it was...

Will you remember?

How often in our lives, have we took our love ones for granted? I always ask my friends and myself, why is it that every time when we're in a foul mood or frustrated, the victims would normally be your love ones? One example:

When one has a lousy day at work, it seems inevitable that many people would vent their anger by raising their voice on their parents just because that person thinks that his/her parents is getting naggy.

Well... Left is too short to be frustrated at those small little things you face day to day... Just my advice to everyone, treasure you love one before it's too late.

Life is short, treat your love ones well
Do not left things unsaid until ones’ life fell
You can cry until your eyes will swell
Cuz when they’re gone… There’ so much things you just can’t tell