Sunday, December 16, 2007

ENCORE vs encore

We were very fortunate to catch Aaron Kwok's final concert during our holidays in Hong Kong. The concert was held at, as you know it... Hong Kong Coliseum. Having seen a few concerts in Singapore and now in Hong Kong... I realize one BIG different between concert goers from Indoor Stadium and Coliseum.

Indoor Stadium: encore Aaron... encore... (clap one of twice, yawn... turn to his friend and say) shit so many people leaving liao!... still don't come out ah? wait cannot catch last bus how?

Coliseum: ENCORE ENCORE ENCORE! Aaron ENCORE! (clap, shout, scream, turn to the producers who's control station is just below the stage and shout) ENCORE ENCORE ENCORE, WE WANT ENCORE

They didn't plan for the encore in the first place. As we had seen it... The light was already on, and when Aaron came out, he was in the most casual attire that I had even seen. He then mentioned that that they didn't plan for the encore and went on to sing a couple more songs.

So you see... the fans were just not ready to leave until they have gotten what they wanted. Pretty much like the Hong-Kongers' mindset... This could also be the reason why till date, they're still the shining pearl of Asia...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

You deserve it...


Glorious Citizen - GS
Robert Tao - RT

GS: Wah! Heard your company, they're increasing the price of the limo service that fetches you guys to and from work?

RT: Yah loh... Too many people taking this limo service, and lately ah... I heard the petrol price kept increasing leh... So bopian, think gotta increase loh...

GS: Wah... Like that also can? But last time you told me that the US dollar weakening against the SGD right?

RT: Yup

GS: And I suppose in Singapore, we pump petrol in Singapore Dollars right?

RT: Yup

GS: So the barrels of oil we're buying, what currency are we using? USD or SGD?

RT: I suppose in USD lah... Why? [RT abit pissed off that GS is asking so many questions)

GS: No mah. I thought if our drivers pump petrol and pay the petrol kiosks in SGD, our petrol kiosks pay the oil company in USD... Shouldn't we be using lesser money to pay for the barrel of oil that is calculated in USD, since SGD is getting stronger?

RT: Nabei... Yah hor... No wonder the Europeans say that the oil price hike has no impact on them...

GS: Knn... Like that very unfair to you guys leh...

RT: Bopian mah... To many people taking our company limo service during the peak hour liao... Guess my management need to control abit... [Can see that RT is in a state of self-denial, coming up with another reason]

GS: Huh?! Who would take the service during off peak hour? Everyone working leh...

RT: How I know? Tourist lah! I mean the visitor that comes to our company... Our company also got provide good limo service to visitors who come for a tour in our company facilities and manufacturing plant mah...

GS: Like that very unfair for you guys leh... You all got complain to your boss or not?

RT: No need complain lah... Cuz we have a HR department that will look after the well being of all the employees... They make sure the canteen food lah, company limo service lah, etc are well taken care of.

GS: So what did they say?

RT: They said this increase is fair and timely leh...

GS: Like that also can!?! But I heard your company also got newsletter right? Can use it as a medium and reflect to the management about what you all think or not?

RT: Got lah... They got interview me... Ask me what I think about the limo service price hike...

GS: Good... Then what did you say?

RT: Of course say I don't mind the 35% increase lah! So long it improves the situation...


RT: Of course what... Else all the people working in the company think I very stingy, "Giam Xia", (Hokkien) how?

GS: Nabei... You deserve to pay more...

Friday, December 07, 2007

What's your True Color

I found this interesting clip, from Daniel Wu's website... Make sure you read the entry from his blog before you watch it... It's funnier that way and it also explains why there's a chicken inside his video. Here's the link to his blog. (PS: You might have to sign up to be able to read it)... Anyway, I've included an excerpt from his blog...

Taken from Daniel Wu's blog

Why a chicken?

I’m not sure really. I’ve had a strange fascination with chickens since college. Their existence often baffles me. Why are they on this planet? Do they exist only to be eaten? Being the lowest mammal in the food chain, I often feel sorry for them, because chickens are the weakest animals on the planet with no dangerous form of attack and absolutely no way to defend themselves. They can’t even fly away because their wings are so out of proportion with their bodies. So in a way this short film is turning the tables around for once. A chickens’ fantasy if you will. A chicken rights film. A chicken kicking my ass.