Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympics Arrow Opening

The Beijing Olympics 2008 was really impressive. However, there was one torch lighting ceremony which I have always heard about but didn't know when it was held and which country hosted it. Nobody does. Like my friend on Saturday, we were talking over whiskey how successful this year opening ceremony was and he came out with the:

Shameer: I remember there was this opening ceremony where they shoot the arrow and voom... they light up the ceremony"...

Matt, Nizam and Me: So where is it?

Shameer: I don't know...

This isn't the first time this topic end up this way. More often than not, when we spoke about the Olympics, we'll talk about this arrow torch lighting. Nobody knows where it was held nor when did it happen. We just knew it happened during our era. Over the weekend, I had a gut feeling that it should be the Spanish who would come up with such an idea... So am I correct? I bring to you the answer...

Friday, July 25, 2008

One "Lust" Game at National Stadium

Well done... We'll have another one last game between Singapore and Brazil. It's been more than a year since the "official" closing ceremony was held in National Stadium and we had our last game then as well.

We then went on to have our next last game between Singapore and Lebanon early this year. Who knows? According to Wiki, the Sports Council announced that the stadium would host at least two more football games, due to ongoing delays in securing the paperwork for the Sports Hub construction.

So moving on to the next game... We then had our last last last game between Singapore and Saudi Arabia. But hey! There's one more last last last last time!

As a consumer, I think this is fuck up though I never really participate in any of their "last game". But think about this. It's like you walked into a shop, they're telling you it's a closing down sales and they will close in 2 weeks time. So you spent the money, you buy the things. 3 weeks later, you went back and the shop is still there. You ask them why and they told you that due to the lease, they're extending another 2 more weeks. Buy what you want now. It's really the last time. You figure that there's still something you didn't buy the previous time and you went on to buy some other items in the shop. Now another 3 weeks had passed, the fucking shop is still there with the banner "Closing Down Sales"! What do you do? Isn't this just like the TV commercial about a father asking for money from her daughter "ONE LAST TIME" so that he can go try his luck on gambling?

For the folks who believe that last time was the last time, I pity you.

For the folks who believe that last last time was the last time, I I sympathize with you

For the folks who believe that last last last time was the last time, I laugh at you

For the folks who believe that last last last last time is the last time, I have no comments for you...

Friday, July 04, 2008

Will you remember?

Just read Dasmond's blog and thought how true it was...

Will you remember?

How often in our lives, have we took our love ones for granted? I always ask my friends and myself, why is it that every time when we're in a foul mood or frustrated, the victims would normally be your love ones? One example:

When one has a lousy day at work, it seems inevitable that many people would vent their anger by raising their voice on their parents just because that person thinks that his/her parents is getting naggy.

Well... Left is too short to be frustrated at those small little things you face day to day... Just my advice to everyone, treasure you love one before it's too late.

Life is short, treat your love ones well
Do not left things unsaid until ones’ life fell
You can cry until your eyes will swell
Cuz when they’re gone… There’ so much things you just can’t tell

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Saving Television

On 5 June, I realized there was something wrong with the logo on the top right corner of my television. Both the channel 8 and 5 seemed "di-colorized". I thought the time is up for my flat screen CRT TV. I shouted to everyone in the family... Time for a LCD TV! This TV has broken down! Everyone concur that something was really wrong with my TV...

Before I know it, my dad was telling me he was facing the same problem on his TV too. I then realize that day was "Saving Gaia" day. They made the logo green to c
oincide with the World Environment Day. Sorry MediaCorp. The color really look bad on my TV.

Anyhow, I wonder how long such initiatives would carry on? I like these stuffs. Go Green. Save the World. It's the least we can do for this world right? But to the founders and creators of such initiatives, please bring it forward and carry it on. Don't just build onto the hype and thought that was it.

How many of you still remember a couple of years ago, Bono and Geldof (2 of the many celebrities behind Live 8) shouted to the crowd at Hyde Park "
We don't want your money. We just want your vote". And they criticized the level of commitment G8 has to places like South Africa. I have often checked back to the Live 8 website... No updates since 2007/06. Doesn't matter. It's been more than a year and what have they done? Sometimes I can't help but to think celebrities are quite crappy as well.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Barri Gòtic - Barcelona

Every time when we talk about traveling in Barcelona, most of the people will think of Sagrada Familia or Barcelona Football Club, Camp Nou. Now I'm not saying that these places aren't worth mentioning but I just feel that in Barcelona, there's a place which has been under-rated; Barri Gotic. I'm just so amazed by the architectures, the history, the surreal feeling when you walked into this place.

I just re-activated my flickr account since the free one doesn't offer you much flexibility and bandwidth... While I was surfing through my old photos to make sure they're still there, I realized that the Barri Gotic photos brings back the feeling of walking into ancient times. This is the feeling you will get when you walk into Gotic Quarter. Since there isn't much information on the web that talks about Barri Gotic (or maybe I didn't Google enough), I thought of sharing with you folks here.

There are many entrances to Barri Gotic. You will see maps around the quarter and since most of those ancient buildings are pretty tall, I reckon one would get lost easily. Don't worry. Not lost as in totally lost your way and walk yourself into a dark alley sort. But more on walking through the same place over and over again and some of the location within Barri Gotic aren't that easy to spot.
I used the Town Hall (picture below) as a landmark to get back on track.

Once you're inside, you will find yourself walking through ancient times. As I read from some website, it is recommended to visit this place in the morning. For me? I believe it will be nice anytime of the day.

This place is beautiful from all angles.Being inside just gives you a surreal type of feeling. Some of the structures like the one below, allows you to step inside and get a feel of "being" inside.

If you're the impatient type, I suggest you slow down your pace when touring this place. You will notice many beautiful drawings, sculptures as you walk around the quarters. Some of the architectures actually allow you to walk up to the rooftop!

There's a nursery inside Barri Gotic as well! Amazing eh?

I rested along the stairways and saw this lady on the right playing the accordion. Kinda nice especially with the nice atmosphere. There was this guy on the right enjoying the music as well and for a moment, I thought they were a couple having a quarrel which explain why they seemed close but yet so far.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Find me a Singaporean - 2

Sorry for the lack of update as I've been away for 3 consecutive weeks! But I've been keeping track with the latest happenings around the world and I must say, alot of things had happen lately.

From the cyclone that swept through Myanmar to the earthquake in Sichuan... From the freaking generals that wouldn't accept any aid to the premier who got to the devastated site within hours. How ironic this world can be?

Before I continue... I urge everyone of us to do our part for the world and the society... There are many ways to make your donation and going through the Red Cross is just one of the many. Click here to find out more.

Another ironic thing happened to me... I realize that one of the article which I've posted (exactly one year ago) has been receiving a considerable amount of hits. I then Google through the title of the post and I finally found the reason...

I've not forgotten this show... I still think that this is one of the best show from local TV. And honestly, I can't think of any other host would could pull it off as well as Belinda Lee. Kudos to her! My brother had managed to record a couple of episodes for me and the most memorable one so far has been the air stewardess who left Singapore to get married in Brazil. She made a trip back every 5 years. Every 5 years! Can you imagine that?

I heard the one on Mongolia is good too. Didn't get a chance to watch it yet but will do so soon!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Selamat... Jalan...?

Glorious Citizen - GC

Robert Tao -

RT: Wah! Have you heard the news yet?

GC: What news?

RT: Uncle Low, a boss from another department challenge our company CEO to ask our security officer to "Jalan Jalan" ah!

GC: Jalan?

RT: Yah.. You don't know what Jalan means meh? It means bye in Malay...

GC: Oh yes yes... And if add a Selamat in front, it means Good Bye... But anyway, what happen?

RT: Oh... Uncle Low's staff caught a thief who was sneaking into our building... Then, they handed them over to the security department... Then this security officer thought that they should educate this thief to bring him onto the right path... So they sort of gave him some lesson while waiting for the police to come.

GC: Wah... You security officers are all social worker also ah?

RT: How I know? Anyway, while trying to guide this thief onto the right path AND waiting for the police to come, this thief mother cry and beg to see her son... So they arranged a room for the mother to see her son

GC: Then then?

RT: Then this thief say ok, you want me to see my mum, can. But let me go toilet first. I need 7 rolls of toilet paper also...

GC: Ha Ha Ha... That's a special request... So how? Did that officer give?

RT: He gave lah... Then they brought the thief to the toilet with good ventilation. And they also thought that they should give this thief some privacy while shitting. So they waited outside...

GC: Wah... That's one hell of a security officer leh...

RT: Human rights dude... Anyway... They waited for 4 hours... Then the thief still never come out... So they went in and saw that the thief had ran off! From the window inside the toilet!

GC: Oh, it took them 4 hours to realize that? He just climbed out of the window?

RT: Yah... And he used the 7 rolls of toilet paper to act as cushion for him to land onto the ground outside...

GC: Hahaha! Why he need the cushion for? Thought your office wall very low?

RT: How I know? That's what the report say...

GC: Now I see... That's why Uncle Low wants the security officer to resign lah? No wonder...

RT: Yah... But my CEO think otherwise leh... He feels that we shouldn't judge the capability of a person by just one incident... And forgot about the good things that he had done for the company...

GC: But wait... That's how the corporate world is mah. And beside, I heard that your security officers are paid higher than the security officers from other companies right?

RT: Yah... Because they are capable people...

GC: Oh... You mean capable of letting a thief run away?

RT: No lah... But as what my CEO said, we shouldn't let one incident affect the contributions they had done for the company.

GC: Oh... So your CEO is paying them so high, so much money so as to allow them to make more mistakes? Then under what circumstances would they be asked to leave?

RT: How I know?

GC: Hahaha! So your company really Selamat Jalan to the thief!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dasmond Koh in Bangkok?

Haha! I thought I saw Dasmond Koh in Bangkok! As a samurai! See what I mean from the picture below...

Anyway, because of this poster and for the fact that we were craving for Japanese food, we decided to give it a shot. The experience? Not bad at all! You guys should try too! We ordered several dishes... Sashimi, Tempura, Unagi Rice and of course, beer. I've forgotten what is the dish below though. Anybody any idea?

The soup is really really nice, and I like the way they kept it warm. I mean soup... One of the most important factor is if it's warm enough right? The soup base... You can drink it without the meat at all... The ingredients is sufficient and it is not too sweet or salty... I'm sure you have experienced where the soup base is really solid but after finishing the soup, you feel thirsty and all right? Not for this... To me, this had been the highlight for the restaurant... I suppose that's the reason why they named it as their signature dish..

As for the Sashimi and Tempura... Hmmm...I feel it's generally better than the ones you will get from Sake Sushi or Genki Sushi... But still not perfect... If you have the chance to go to Fuji Restaurant in Siam Center, you'll know what I mean...

The Unagi Rice... Not bad... But I don't know why they chopped up the Unagi though. I though you will enjoy the full Unagi taste if the fish is in one single piece. On the whole, not bad considering the price and the amount of food we ordered... I think for all these plus some beer, the bill came out to less than 50 bucks; which is what you won't find in Singapore...

Friday, April 04, 2008

It's fine that I got fined

Appeal Rejected


Glorious Citizen - GC
Robert Tao - RT

RT: Wah ho say lah! My IT department appeal ganna rejected by our CTO!

Oh? What happen? What appeal?

You don't know? Cuz they were suppose to support network connection throughout the company even during peak hour mah... then they screwed up...

I reckon that... Since communicating during peak hour is so important... People need to work you know? So what happen?

RT: So the freaking network was down for like...7 hours... and that day... because we need to communicate with the outside world also... then in the end, I have to use my own 3G and GPRS connection to work loh... Some bopian was late to send report to their customer and ended up taking taxi to send the hard copy to them...

GC: WHAT!?!?!? So you're paying for their mistake? I mean can claim right?

Wait wait wait... Let me finish my story first...
our CTO was very pissed... so he fined the department for the disruption it had caused to the network service...

GC: Fined? But how much was the fine?

RT: Not too sure leh... Close to 400k plus ah...

GC: Wow! Then can you guys claim for the taxi fare and the bills that you have chalked up from your own internet connection... since it's their mistake...

RT: Eh... I'm not too sure wo... Think can lah... But you need to go to the IT service centres to do the claim I think...

Hmmm. But very strange leh... So where did the money go to? I mean the fine which your CTO had summoned.

RT: Eh... I don't know

WHAT? Shouldn't the money go to your guys? Who are the actual ones that got affected because of the messed up service they're providing?

RT: Yah hor... I don't know leh...

GC: But where the hell your IT department is going to get those money? Since they also need to be accountable to the profit for the company... Does that mean they will increase the prices to the general public like me? Who subscribe to their IT services?!

RT: Maybe leh...

GC: What is this? We're just paying for their mistake...

Monday, March 24, 2008

Don't judge too quickly

Don't judge too quickly... This is the message that sounds really familiar. Ah... I know where I heard it... Please don't judge too quickly on why the escape happened... Shit happens ok? And before we start to speculate, I think it would be better if we can wait for the findings of the investigations to be released... But wait... The hearings can't be held public now... This is to prevent us from being too complacent? And in order not to be overly complacent, you should start giving "lessons" to people around the globe. Maybe the Middle East region... And what do you do when your island wide manhunt still doesn't show any results? You made a headline out of the person who made a false report on the escapee... That should be it... Now that's what I call incompetency... Sorry... I mean learning to be in-complacent...

Monday, January 21, 2008

Perfect English or English Prefect?

Before you continue... Read this first...



Glorious Citizen - GC
Lao Gao Fatt - LCF (or some say London College Forensic)

GC: Hey.. Fat... Why you so angry?

LCF: Atrocious!

GC: Wah...Simi Daiji?

LCF: How many times must I remind you?! Don't speak to me in Singlish!

GC: Why leh?

LCF: Because it isn't the right way to speak!

GC: Aiyah... Nevermind lah... So long you understand me can liao mah... But why you so angry? What "a- throw-shirt"?

LCF: Oh gosh... It's A-TRO-CIOUS... If you check out the Oxford dictionary, it says (
adjective 1 horrifyingly wicked. 2 informal extremely bad or unpleasant.)

GC: Un huh... Then?

LCF: You got to start brushing up your command of English!

GC: Ok ok... Whatever... What is it that causes you to throw your shirt?

LCF: You see, I was at the school today to discuss about my son's progress on his Math for the year 2008... and I'm very disappointed with the standard of English with 2 of his teachers.

GC: Wah! You very kiasu leh... We're only at January for year 2008! And you want to know how your son is doing for his Math? You sure bo?

LCF: For Pete's sake! Stop speaking to me in Singlish!!! There's is no such word Kiasu in the dictionary! You should said extreme fear of losing!

GC: Who is Pete? Relax relax... Why you care so much? So long you can get what I'm trying to tell you mah... Anyway... What did the teacher say about your kid? Alright bo?

LCF: Oh well... They weren't too sure because they were teaching Chinese and Higher Chinese in school.

GC: Nabei! You're actually complaining about the "standard of English" of 2 teachers who don't even teach English or Math!? you alright bo?

LCF: It's wrong. Then they shouldn't speak at all!

GC: Yah... But you were talking to them in English mah... As if you know Mandarin

LCF: No. I disagree... Singapore is supposed to be a first-world country, but the English used by the 2 teachers is just so embarrassing...

GC: Knn... I don't know what English Breakfast or Earl Grey lah... You can choose not to talk to them if they irritate you so much...

LCF: This is atrocious! Shouldn't you feel embarrassed about it? We have many foreign students studying in Singapore. What would they think of our English standards if their teachers speak so badly?

{GC throws a punch at LCF}

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Before you start complaining about how boring life can be in Singapore. Please spend some of your "boring time" to read up on this blog.

Days of My Life

I don't know how much it will affect you, but it certainly did... for me...