Monday, January 21, 2008

Perfect English or English Prefect?

Before you continue... Read this first...



Glorious Citizen - GC
Lao Gao Fatt - LCF (or some say London College Forensic)

GC: Hey.. Fat... Why you so angry?

LCF: Atrocious!

GC: Wah...Simi Daiji?

LCF: How many times must I remind you?! Don't speak to me in Singlish!

GC: Why leh?

LCF: Because it isn't the right way to speak!

GC: Aiyah... Nevermind lah... So long you understand me can liao mah... But why you so angry? What "a- throw-shirt"?

LCF: Oh gosh... It's A-TRO-CIOUS... If you check out the Oxford dictionary, it says (
adjective 1 horrifyingly wicked. 2 informal extremely bad or unpleasant.)

GC: Un huh... Then?

LCF: You got to start brushing up your command of English!

GC: Ok ok... Whatever... What is it that causes you to throw your shirt?

LCF: You see, I was at the school today to discuss about my son's progress on his Math for the year 2008... and I'm very disappointed with the standard of English with 2 of his teachers.

GC: Wah! You very kiasu leh... We're only at January for year 2008! And you want to know how your son is doing for his Math? You sure bo?

LCF: For Pete's sake! Stop speaking to me in Singlish!!! There's is no such word Kiasu in the dictionary! You should said extreme fear of losing!

GC: Who is Pete? Relax relax... Why you care so much? So long you can get what I'm trying to tell you mah... Anyway... What did the teacher say about your kid? Alright bo?

LCF: Oh well... They weren't too sure because they were teaching Chinese and Higher Chinese in school.

GC: Nabei! You're actually complaining about the "standard of English" of 2 teachers who don't even teach English or Math!? you alright bo?

LCF: It's wrong. Then they shouldn't speak at all!

GC: Yah... But you were talking to them in English mah... As if you know Mandarin

LCF: No. I disagree... Singapore is supposed to be a first-world country, but the English used by the 2 teachers is just so embarrassing...

GC: Knn... I don't know what English Breakfast or Earl Grey lah... You can choose not to talk to them if they irritate you so much...

LCF: This is atrocious! Shouldn't you feel embarrassed about it? We have many foreign students studying in Singapore. What would they think of our English standards if their teachers speak so badly?

{GC throws a punch at LCF}

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


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