Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Phone Conversation with IRAS

Glorious Citizen - GS
IRAS Officer - IO

IO: Hi good afternoon, how can I help?

GS: Good afternoon... I've some technical problems with the bank's GIRO payment to IRAS... If IRAS were to wait for this to be resolved, it might take up till a month. Is it possible that I can make my payment via Internet Banking while I'm waiting for this technical issue to be resolved?

IO: OK... If we fail to deduct the payment on the 6th every month, we will try again on the 20th.

GS: *Thinking the officer is also aware that we're almost towards mid August*... Yes... I know that... What I'm saying is... I've tried talking to the bank and they will take one month to resolve the issue... Can I use internet banking instead for this month's payment while we're waiting for the issue to be resolved?

IO: Maybe you can try talking to the bank and see if they can process the issue faster?

GS: I did! They can't do it!

IO: Oh in that case, we also cannot.

GS: OK... All I need to know is... Beside using GIRO, can I use internet banking to pay for my monthly installment?

IO: Yes. You can use AXS or SAM machine.

GS: No no no... Am I allow to use internet banking to pay for the installment cuz I found IRAS under the list of Payee companies

IO: Can ah... You can use AXS or SAM machine to pay for your monthly bills mah...

GS: No. I know I can pay through AXS... And I know I can pay through SAM... What I need to know is... CAN I use INTERNET BANKING to pay as well?!

IO: Yes

GS: OK... So that means I will cancel my GIRO arrangements and use the Internet Banking to pay for my monthly installments.

IO: Oh! so that means you want to cancel your installment plans ah? And pay in full?

GS: No... I'm saying I will use other other methods to pay for my installment!

IO: I need to check mah.

GS: *speechless cuz I don't know what the hell he's checking for*... OK... So how do I know if IRAS has received my payment?

IO: Please hold the line and let me check. *Waited for 1 to 2 minutes*... Sorry to keep you waiting... I've checked with my colleague and she has told me that if we failed to receive your payment on the 6th, we will try again on the 20th... If we fail to receive payment on the 20th, we will deduct double the amount on the 6th of the following month.

GS: *DU LAN to the maximum*.... NOOOOO! That's still doesn't answer my question! All I'm asking is, would IRAS inform me that the payment has been made!

IO: No.

GS: So like any other bills which I'm paying, so long that I never receive any reminder to pay up, that is to say I'm good as IRAS has received my monthly payment?!!!?

IO: Er... You can check your internet banking transaction history what...right?

GS: YESSSSsssssssssss... But that doesn't tell me if the payment has gone through to the right account or has it been taken correctly as my monthly installment payment... All I need to know is, if there's any way to find out my payment went through!!!

IO: Oh... You can call and ask us again...

I rest my case...