Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Barri Gòtic - Barcelona

Every time when we talk about traveling in Barcelona, most of the people will think of Sagrada Familia or Barcelona Football Club, Camp Nou. Now I'm not saying that these places aren't worth mentioning but I just feel that in Barcelona, there's a place which has been under-rated; Barri Gotic. I'm just so amazed by the architectures, the history, the surreal feeling when you walked into this place.

I just re-activated my flickr account since the free one doesn't offer you much flexibility and bandwidth... While I was surfing through my old photos to make sure they're still there, I realized that the Barri Gotic photos brings back the feeling of walking into ancient times. This is the feeling you will get when you walk into Gotic Quarter. Since there isn't much information on the web that talks about Barri Gotic (or maybe I didn't Google enough), I thought of sharing with you folks here.

There are many entrances to Barri Gotic. You will see maps around the quarter and since most of those ancient buildings are pretty tall, I reckon one would get lost easily. Don't worry. Not lost as in totally lost your way and walk yourself into a dark alley sort. But more on walking through the same place over and over again and some of the location within Barri Gotic aren't that easy to spot.
I used the Town Hall (picture below) as a landmark to get back on track.

Once you're inside, you will find yourself walking through ancient times. As I read from some website, it is recommended to visit this place in the morning. For me? I believe it will be nice anytime of the day.

This place is beautiful from all angles.Being inside just gives you a surreal type of feeling. Some of the structures like the one below, allows you to step inside and get a feel of "being" inside.

If you're the impatient type, I suggest you slow down your pace when touring this place. You will notice many beautiful drawings, sculptures as you walk around the quarters. Some of the architectures actually allow you to walk up to the rooftop!

There's a nursery inside Barri Gotic as well! Amazing eh?

I rested along the stairways and saw this lady on the right playing the accordion. Kinda nice especially with the nice atmosphere. There was this guy on the right enjoying the music as well and for a moment, I thought they were a couple having a quarrel which explain why they seemed close but yet so far.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Find me a Singaporean - 2

Sorry for the lack of update as I've been away for 3 consecutive weeks! But I've been keeping track with the latest happenings around the world and I must say, alot of things had happen lately.

From the cyclone that swept through Myanmar to the earthquake in Sichuan... From the freaking generals that wouldn't accept any aid to the premier who got to the devastated site within hours. How ironic this world can be?

Before I continue... I urge everyone of us to do our part for the world and the society... There are many ways to make your donation and going through the Red Cross is just one of the many. Click here to find out more.

Another ironic thing happened to me... I realize that one of the article which I've posted (exactly one year ago) has been receiving a considerable amount of hits. I then Google through the title of the post and I finally found the reason...

I've not forgotten this show... I still think that this is one of the best show from local TV. And honestly, I can't think of any other host would could pull it off as well as Belinda Lee. Kudos to her! My brother had managed to record a couple of episodes for me and the most memorable one so far has been the air stewardess who left Singapore to get married in Brazil. She made a trip back every 5 years. Every 5 years! Can you imagine that?

I heard the one on Mongolia is good too. Didn't get a chance to watch it yet but will do so soon!