Monday, September 03, 2007

The Willow Tree

If I tell you that Iranian movies are good would you believe me? I caught th
is movie by the title "The Willow Tree" over the weekend... Beyond excellence. Though I don't really recognize the actors and actresses, they were all terrific. The cinematography of the movie, you got to give it to the people behind this film. I've put together some pictures of the show that I found from the internet... If you have the chance to catch this movie, please go watch it. If not, let's pray and wait for the DVD.

Now why is the movie title The Willow Tree? Youssef, a blind university professor was sent to France for treatment after being suspected of having cancer. Before he left for France, he pleaded with his God for a second chance in life. His prayer was answered and it was later diagnosed that his cancerous cell was benign. Meanwhile, he was brought to this place filled with willow trees which is said to bring him luck. Miraculously, he regained the sight which he lost when he was 8.

Life began to change. Those simple little things which he used to appreciate and found wonderful began to bore him. He began to have expectation for everything. Even for his wife whom had stand by him all this while. He started losing the goal in his life as well. He hated teaching. He hated staying at home. He fell in love with another woman.

I would like to chat more about how real this movie is. You see... In one of the quote, Youssef spoke about how everyone took pity of him when he was blind. He doesn't need that now because he can see. He can see how "boring" his life has been. Books, books and more books around him. Does this mean that a person expectations would be higher when they see more things in life? Now, I'm not just comparing in terms of being able to see with those who cannot see. I'm referring to those people who had seen more things in life. Such as, when a guy have seen the comfort of living a luxurious lifestyle, he would have that kind of expectation. Isn't one suppose to grow wiser when you see more things? How ironic...

PS: As much as I would like to share more photos of the movie here, I can't seem to find the good ones on the internet. If you have them, please let me know. Thanks!